2005 mechanical engineering studies
at Institute of Technology Karlsruhe
2006-2013 product design, photography and philosophy studies at University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe
2006-2009 working as a photographer´s assistant at Blöth Fotodesign studio
2007 HfG work shop assistant
2008-2013 working as a bike mechanic in Radler-Martin´s bike repair shop
2009 intermediate diploma: ¨Poloschläger¨
2010 founding poloschlaeger.de
2012 internship at ACHATZ PRODUCT DESIGN Studio
2013 diploma: antoni & mono
2014 product-developer at BRUNNER GmbH in Rheinau

2007 Tendence and Lifestyle, HfG and WMF AG
2007 Tendence and Lifestyle, TROIKA Junior Design Award
2007 Oh Tannenbaum HfG Karlsruhe, ¨christmas odyssey¨
2010 Aneignung des Realen, Künstlerbund Speyer
2010 Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Life cycle exhibition
2011 Sommerloch HfG Karlsruhe, Jägerzaun
2011 Sommerloch HfG Karlsruhe, photo book
2012 Milano kkaarrlls exhibition, jägerzaun
2013 kkaarrlls for echtwald - passagen 2013 - imm cologne, jägerzaun
2013 Sommerloch HfG Karlsruhe, #2 Wohnungen, photo-zine

Working with:
SolidWorks, Rhino3D 4&5, V-Ray for Rhino, Adobe CS, MS Office, html & CSS